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Richmond, Virginia vs. 7 Competitor Communities


LandingPage_brochure_tempExecutives who evaluate and compare the start-up and annual operating costs of a new facility have to choose among 50 states, hundreds of cities, and thousands of communities. The Greater Richmond Partnership's "International Start-Up Model" was developed to help the evaluation process by providing valuable data on the Richmond Region and seven comparative communities.

This brochure offers two typical operating cost comparisons and data for foreign companies entering the U.S. market for the first time. The first comparison is for a 10-employee manufacturing or distribution operation, and the second comparison is for a 10-employee corporate office. Both comparisons assume some employees are foreign, but most are U.S. citizens.

In each comparison, Richmond is compared to a variety of American cities, both large and medium-sized, that are often considered by foreign companies looking to expand to the United States.

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